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and Septic Tips and FAQs

Every season brings its list of chores to get your home or business ready for the weather. At Ready-Rooter, we hear your questions and concerns about what your place needs for the upcoming spring, summer, winter and fall. That's why we've compiled a list of tips that will help you in your preparations. But if you don't see your questions answered below, please give us a call. We're happy to help!


  • Time for Ready-Rooter to open up those winterized homes and get you ready for summer on Cape Cod!

  • Familiarize yourself with your plumbing system. Have all shut off valves labeled so that in case of an overflow emergency, you'll be able to stop the water flow quickly and minimize water damage.
  • Think water conservation. Update old plumbing fixtures with new, water saving models that will use less water, reduce the strain on your septic system and are better for our environment.
  • Time to think maintenance. As soon as the ground thaws, it's a great time of year to have Ready-Rooter pump and clean your septic system. By pumping in the spring, your system won't be strained during the heavy use months of summer.

  • During your spring planting, choose areas for your new bushes and trees that are at least 35 feet away from your septic tank and drain field. The tree and bush roots will spread quickly and can grow into your septic system, blocking or breaking your system's flow.
  • Do not pour hazardous chemicals down your drain. They can harm your septic system and find their way into the ground water.

Drain Cleaning:
  • Commercial properties, especially restaurants and hotels, should have their drainage system evaluated and set up a preventative drain cleaning program customized for your building by Ready-Rooter. Avoid business stopping backups by having your drains cleared and your septic tanks pumped before the busy season hits.
  • Only discard grease in the garbage, never pour grease down the drain. Grease will harden in your pipes, causing water and waste to back up into your home or business.


  • Open up those outdoor showers only after your sure the temperature won't
    fall below 32 degrees.

  • Check faucets for drips and leaks. Make repairs to save water.
  • If you haven't pumped and cleaned out your septic tank in the past two years, it's time!
  • If you have unexplained liquid or odor coming from your lawn, you may have a back up in your drain field, an overfull septic tank or a failing septic system. Call Ready-Rooter to determine the problem and solution.
  • Choose the garbage can over the garbage disposal whenever possible.
    Garbage disposals put a huge burden on your septic system.

  • Never drive or park vehicles over your septic tank or drain field. The soil can compact and the drain field lines or septic lid could be crushed.
Drain Cleaning:
  • Install strainers on all drains to ensure debris, hair and soap don't clog up your drains.


  • Winterize your outdoor shower prior to that first freeze to avoid burst pipes.

  • Winterize homes and businesses that are vacant during the winter months to avoid burst pipes and flooding.

  • Be sure all exposed outdoor pipes are completely drained to avoid frozen pipes and cracked water lines.

  • Shut off water to outside water faucets and drain their lines.

  • Disconnect hoses and store inside to avoid them freezing and cracking.

  • Be sure pipes that go along exterior walls of your home, garage and crawl spaces are well insulated. Pipes that run along exterior walls inside heated homes can still freeze up in extreme temperatures.
  • Perform regular maintenance checks on any of your systems pumps. A failed sewage ejector or effluent pump can mean a back up into your home. A failed well pump can mean no water at all.

  • Fall is a great time to grow grass! Plant grass seed over your drain field and septic tank to prevent erosion in the areas.

  • Never attempt to open the septic tank yourself. There are dangerous gases trapped in the tank that are harmful when inhaled.
Drain Cleaning:
  • Clear leaves and debris out of gutters to avoid water backing up.

  • Have a maintenance check on your heating system completed to ensure your heat is in good working order.

  • Seal leaks around doors and windows that will let warm air escape.


  • Check the age and condition of your water heater. Any water heater that is over 15 years old and/or is showing signs of rust should be checked. Consider replacing your old water heater to avoid a flood situation.

  • Check to make sure dishwasher and garbage disposal connections are tight
    to avoid leaking.

  • Check washing machine connections. If you have rubber hoses, consider changing to no-burst, steel connection hoses. Worn rubber hoses crack and burst over time. Consider a low cost connection change out over the expense of a burst hose clean-up!

  • Inspect your toilet bowl and tank for leaks. If the floor or wall around your toilet feels soft, there may be water leaking from behind or underneath your toilet.

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