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We hear it a lot these days - "go green"!  And with good reason. Our earth is precious and we need to take care of it and all its resources. There are dozens of ways we can all help to protect and preserve our world for generations to come. Here are a few thoughts from our master plumbers and septic experts at Ready-Rooter:

  1. Choose your plumbing parts wisely. Today's market includes a variety of affordable plumbing fixtures that  can save water and energy.

    • Low flush toilets that use less water with each use.
    • Water saver shower heads that save water and energy needed to heat the water.
    • When making replacements or repairs, be sure old parts are disposed of properly.

  2. When deciding how to heat your home, choose high efficiency units powered by natural gas, solar or wind.
    • Natural gas burns cleaner than oil heat with lower emissions and higher efficiency ratings. You can heat your home for less money while helping reduce air polution!
    • Use programmable thermostats that will regulate your heat usage and save energy. Ready-Rooter will properly dispose of old mercury thermostats for you.

  3. Choose a high efficency water heater.

  4. Steer away from drain cleaning products that are harmful to our groundwater. Stick with environmentally friendly options that do the job without the risk.

  5. Maintain your septic system to avoid contamination of our ground water.  
    • Have your septic tank pumped and cleaned every two years to avoid overflow.
    • Get a copy of your septic system's drawing. A copy should be on file at your town hall. The  drawing will tell you how many septic tanks you have and where your drain  field lines are located.  So when it's time to maintain your system, you'll be sure of what needs to be emptied and that it's checked for good  function.

By choosing better options to benefit our environment, we're all doing our part to preserve the earth.  Please call the pros if you'd like our help with making green choices in your home or business.  We're ready when you are!

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