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Commercial Drain Cleaning

When life throws you a curve ball, like a blockage in your drain, count on Ready-Rooter to make the hit!  Ready-Rooter specializes in commercial drain cleaning. Since 1999, Cape Cod businesses have turned to Ready-Rooter for all of their drain cleaning solutions.

If your needs are an instant emergency or preventative maintenance, Ready-Rooter’s seasoned technicians will use our state of the art equipment to ensure your drains are flowing.  We’re happy  to meet with you to evaluate your drainage system’s current condition.  We’ll follow up with our recommended  preventative maintenance plan to ensure business- stopping blockages that can flood your floors don’t happen at your place! 

Ready-Rooter highly recommends having a preventative maintenance plan customized to your location’s  needs.  We have too often seen the disasters that occur when drain lines are not regularly cleaned.  By having Ready-Rooter clean your drain lines on a regular basis, costly back-ups can be avoided and leave you to attend to what you do best- your business!  Whether you are a restaurant, a hotel, a school, a hospital or any other type of business, Ready-Rooter is ready, willing and able to professionally maintain your drainage system.

Ready-Rooter uses three types of equipment to clean your drains:

  • The “Drain Hurricane”- Our Harben high pressure water jet uses up to 4,000 psi and up to 16 gallons of water per minute to clear line blockages. This is our most powerful weapon against line blockages!  Water jetting is used for preventative maintenance as well as emergency service in locations that are commercial and residential.
  • Cable Machine: When clearing a blockage with a cable machine, a long cable will be fed down your drain from the toilet or sink until it reaches the blockage.  The cable will push the blockage through the pipe to clear the path and enable use of your facilities.
  • Water Jet: Clearing a blockage with a water jet involves our machine shooting high pressure water through your lines to dislodge the blockage and force the blockage out of the pipe.  The water will enter the pipe from the closest access point, which may be inside or outside of your building.  The water jet is a smaller version of our “Drain Hurricane” used for smaller needs.



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